To orchestrate a room with works of art has a very special charm to me. An empty room carries meaningful statements in itself. And even if I find an empty or almost empty room exciting, such a space literally invites me to give and try out new answers to what is possible or what has not yet been seen.

I created my first large room installation with the sound of colors and let color flow through a room like music. I am interested in giving special themes or the color in the room a new interpretation or giving materials a new meaning through hanging and positioning.

I find that an installation either makes us forget about a room and directs our focus entirely on one or more objects in the room, or gives us a new perception of the room. This has a direct effect on the viewer.

I have seen visitors sit in my Sound of Colors installation and absorb the music and colors. The musician Manuel Steinhoff and I opened the installation in autumn 2021. The installation had an inspiring, soothing, refueling and encouraging effect on people affected by Corona and fear. The visitors heard the colors and saw the sounds. A new perception could be experienced and warmed people's hearts.

Der Klang von Farben

The Sound of Colors

Kunstraum Backstube, September 2021

geKehrt - Schönheit entfaltet sich nach dem Kehren!

Sweeped - Beauty unfolds after sweeping!

Kunstraum Backstube, June 2020

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